Chronic Care Management

  • ​Chronic Care Management services are designed for medicare or medicare advantage members with two or more chronic conditions.
  • We have been pleased to provide chronic care management services with the following goals:
    • ​Provide an additional access point for patients to discuss concerns or changes in health with our team.
    • Provide coordination of care with specialty physicians both in our region, as well as for our snowbirds, with physicians outside of our area.
    • Provide coordination with assisted living facilities
    • Coordinate immunization record
    • Obtain hospital records from non-Baycare facilities
    • as well as others
  • Amanda Lopez, RN is our coordinator and she can provide you more information on enrollment criteria and how this medicare program can help coordinate and enhance your current healthcare experience.
    • ​amanda.lopez@pcpcah.com
    • 727-472-2650

Our Care Team