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Remote Patient Monitoring

  • We are pleased to offer our patients remote patient monitoring services. Remote patient monitoring allows our practitioners and coordinator, Amanda Lopez, to monitor your chronic health conditions on a daily basis so medical decisions can be made between visits as needed and not just when a condition worsens or at the next scheduled visit.
  • We have the ability to monitor the following:
    • Blood Pressure/Pulse
    • Weight
    • Oxygen Saturation/Pulse
    • Blood Sugar
    • FitBit/Steps
    • Temperature
  • Plus the Carium App tracks:
    • How are you feeling?
    • Active Energy/Activity Minutes
    • Air Quality
    • Body Mass Index
    • Flu Activity
    • Pollen levels
    • Sleep
    • Water Intake
    • as well as others
  • Amanda Lopez, RN is our coordinator and she can help you enroll today
    • amanda.lopez@pcpcah.com
    • 727-472-2650